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1. Meet the Blind Dogs 


2. Execute the Plan 


3. Grow Your Small Business

How Much is a Lack of Marketing Costing You?

Most businesses flounder to create a marketing campaign that connects with their audience.
When your your marketing is not clear...

  • Few customers visit your website

  • Your online reputation falls flat

  • Potential customers don't buy your product

  • Your struggle to stand out from competition

  • Reduced brand awareness

  • Your customers lack loyalty

Digital marketing should be easy and effective. Unfortunately, most businesses don't know how to showcase what they offer. Instead, their digital marketing campaigns across their platforms are inconsistent and confusing. Meet the Blind Dogs, and you'll finally start to get the sales you have been waiting for.

There are 3 ways Blind Dog Marketing can help you. Which one is right for you?

Book Coaching Sessions for You and Your Team

Do you and or/your team have the ambition to perform your marketing efforts in house? With one-on-one coaching sessions, you are the hero and we are the guide. 

If you feel you feel like you can handle marketing however don't know where to start, we will help you build your marketing foundation step-by-step. Each session is an hour and you book at your own pace. By the end, you will be confident in your comprehensive marketing plan and the ability to execute it.

Perfect for: Any business who wants full control of their digital marketing efforts however need guidance.

Plug the Gaps in Your Digital Marketing

Do you only need a one or two services to boost your digital marketing? Select which services your business needs based on your needs and budget. 

Not all businesses need every service. Whether it is social media marketing, SEO/website management, or content writing, we can help your business where it needs most.

Perfect for: Any business who wants needs help in a specific area and wants it to be done very well.

Full Service Treatment

Does your business need a comprehensive and holistic digital marketing service? Blind Dog Marketing will can handle the heavy work so you can focus on leading the business. 

With a full digital marketing marketing team on your side, you can breath easy knowing that everything is taken care of. Content, social media, website, SEO, and analytics. 

Perfect for: Any business who wants to grow their business by directing a team of marketing professionals, not doing it.

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