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Blind Dog Marketing's founder with a backpack, baseball cap, hiking in Alaska

Michael Ryan Zuniga

Michael Ryan Zuniga has a love for serving individuals and businesses by providing his marketing expertise and interpersonal style. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Michael has been the marketing director for several businesses in the health and wellness field spanning the entire West Coast. He has a plethora of experience that makes him a “jack-of-all-trades” marketer. In his off time, you can catch Mike playing basketball, playing board games, and landscaping his backyard.

"I received so many practical action steps that can make a huge difference. You guys are rock stars!"

Michael Johnson, LAc

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What can your clients expect from you as a marketing coach?


First and foremost, my clients can expect a very professional and knowledgeable marketing coach. Next, they will recognize that I genuinely want help their business grow and I’ll do my best to develop an honest rapport.


I love a good conversation. In most cases, helping a client isn’t really about the nuts, bolts, and how-to’s. It’s about the understanding the people trying to evolve their business and what motivates them to do it.


What makes you unique as a coach?


I think what makes me unique is my variety of experience. I’ve been a radio show producer, event coordinator, website designer, project manager, graphic designer, video producer… the list goes on.


Also, because of my adventurous spirit, I’ve been blessed to work on these skills in a variety of environments such as: Fairbanks, Alaska, San Diego and San Francisco, California. This has taught me that the business-customer dynamic is remarkably similar wherever you go – it is all about building trust.


Digital Analytics Strategy

Graphic Design



How would you describe your family?


My family is amazing. Four brothers, one sister, an honest father, and loving mother. We grew up close to our extended families. Meaning, we had humungous holiday celebrations and various gatherings.


What sort of hobbies and interests do you have?


I love playing sports like baseball, basketball, and volleyball. The blend of competition and cooperation is a beautiful thing. Hiking and going on road trips are among my favorite ways to get out of town. Finally, I have built quite the vinyl record collection that includes Donny Hathaway, Van Morrison, and Chris Stapleton.

Can you recommend three books, websites, or tools, other resources for your clients?

  1. The Pleasure of Finding Things Out” by Richard Feynman

  2. Sleep” by Nick Littlehales

  3. Canva graphic design tool

  • 45 min

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