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Grow your small business with marketing that works

At Blind Dog Marketing, we believe marketing is the element that bonds you and your clients. When you work with a marketing agency, you need to feel like your business's needs are being met, your problems are being solved, and you have hired folks who are obsessed with helping your business grow. 

You can accomplish improve your business in a few ways with digital marketing. Social media helps engage your audience. Websites establish credibility and allows prospective clients to have a better understanding of what your business about. Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts allow your business to be more present in search engines like Google. It seems like a lot but you can do this.

Are you a medical professional trying to grow your practice? A barbershop that needs to attract new clientele? Or what about gym who needs to a fresh new website?

blue desert road

Our Story

From Tennessee to Alaska our team has been working with clients across different time-zones and walks of life for over 15 years combined. Founded in early 2022, Blind Dog Marketing's goal is to empower small businesses with the ability to stand on their own two feet and grow!

The talent at Blind Dog Marketing has an immense amount of experience managing facilities, clients, teams, and budgets both small and large. Rest assured that you have skilled and knowledgeable people on your side.

Meet The Team

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