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Blind Dog Marketing's Operations Office hiking in Grand Canyon National Park

Gregory Marrujo

Greg is a creative thinking individual that has been involved with multiple companies across the United States in quite a few different disciplines. From food service, education, to full- scale revenue management he has learned from some of the industry leaders across all fields that he has worked in. When he is not working Greg can be found traveling or anywhere outdoors.

"I received so many practical action steps that can make a huge difference. You guys are rock stars!"

Michael Johnson, LAc

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What can your clients expect from you as a marketing coach?


Clients can expect a top level of service where their company feels like it is a top priority. When working with a client, I want to be sure that they are given realistic goals to accomplish and milestone markers  so that our expectations are in tandem. Both parties should be held accountable and celebrate one another when the results are in.


What makes you unique as a coach?


I have a very straightforward approach and attitude to all things. That makes me exceptionally results driven. When I take on a client, I immerse myself in their company to see how things would work and feel as if I were working there and as if I was a consumer of theirs. It enables myself to ensure that the best techniques and strategies are implemented.

Originally from Lancaster, California (a small suburb of Los Angeles, CA), I have lived in Chicago, Illinois, and settled in Knoxville, Tennessee.  I am blessed to have worked with great companies, people, and consumers from all walks of life. These experiences have helped enable me to grow as both an individual and as a marketing coach.


Brand Building

Sales Optimizations and Operations

Full- Scale Analytics


How would you describe your family?


I would describe my family as adventurous and hard-working.


What sort of hobbies and interests do you have?


When I am not working I love to travel and go hiking. I enjoy reading on multiple topics and continue to grow at all times. Currently, my obsession is cooking.

Can you recommend three books, websites, or tools, other resources for your clients?

  1. Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill

  2. Microsoft Power BI data analytics app

  3. Asana project managing app

  • 45 min

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